Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jersy Girl: What's not to like?

I don't get it. For a couple years now, I've been hearing from seemingly everyone that Jesey Girl is one of the worst movies ever made. Ardent Smith fans have groaned and covered thier eyes at the mere mention of it's name. Comic fans (admittedly, mostly male) whine about it's girly nature and "wimpyness." They told me that: "It's a freakin' romantic comedy without any of the humor, language, or bite of any of Smith's other films."

I don't get it. I LOVED this movie. Literally, I laughed and I cried. I gasped in horror and disbelief. I enjoyed pretty much all of this film. Right now, I can't remember a single reason that I waited this long to watch it. I've already started reminding the husband that this movie would make a great gift for my birthday. So what is so wrong with the rest of Smith's fans?

Maybe they miss the language. Without all the refrences to genitalia and sexual acts that are probably illegal in several states, they don't know when to laugh. Maybe they're jealus of Afflack. People say that he can't act. I don't consider myself an expert on acting, but I was convinced. Perhaps he's just good enough at acting like an asshole that people assume that he is one? (I've never really understood the rampant dislike many otherwise normal people will hold for certain celebraties.) I don't really see the "departure" from Smith's other films. I've them all now, and while this isn't a Clerks movie, I could tell that the same person who wrote Chasing Amy was in charge of Jersy Girl. The humor was there, it just mellowed a bit. This wasn't just some normal romantic comedy. It contained a knife wielding barber, an offer of a mercy lay, and George Carlin. Come on people, name just one other "romantic comedy" that contains two of those items.

Jersey Girl: A! Finally, a movie that my husband and I can both watch and enjoy!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a thought...

Today at work, I was listening to the news and it was as depressing as usual. 12 GIs died in a helicopter crash in Iraq. Several more American's were killed in an attack of a military compound in Iraq that was carried out in broad daylight. Numerous Iraqi civilians have been killed or wounded in the last several days as the fighting and bombings escalate even further out of control. (The situation continues to NOT be a civil war...) On and on it goes, just getting sadder and more depressing with each passing minute. The number of soldiers killed in Iraq now totals more than 3,000. My mom lives in a town with a smaller population than that.

Meanwhile, at work, the commercial break comes on and I hear the same old bitching from customers and co-workers. Lately, its taxes and the strange cold snap we've been suffering through. Hardly anyone talks about the war our country continues to fight. If you hear someone talk about it, it has more to do with whether or not they support the president or if they think the dems are cut and runners. No one really seems to be thinking about the fact that every minute we sit here, obliviously living our lives, there is another 18 year old fresh out of high school carrying his M16 into danger for reasons none of us can agree on.

If we do stop and think about the war, it's in the most general and meaningless terms. We complain that Bush lied, or remind our neighbors that Saddam was a bad man. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the same two stupid lines repeated in some form or other. "We can't leave Iraq till we've cleaned it up." "We need to cut our losses and get the heck out of that place." What do either of those statements even mean? Do the people spouting them even know? Do they have any clue about the true situation?

Where is the guilt? Where is the understanding that we allowed our country to go to war against another country? Where is the knowledge that literally hundreds of thousands of people are dead from a war that we don't know why we're fighting?

Where is the god damned guilt?

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This is my bunny. This is not a great picture (he's waaay cuter than this, but he refuses to allow me to prove it on film) of his royal highness, but you get the point. His ears are back because he's stuck in his cage and we were paying attention to him when he wanted to be free to run the apartment without our interference.

Anyway, on to business. (Or rather, pleasure...) I have been away for far too long. Just got busy over the holidays I guess. I know that the first rule of blogging is that one should blog often. Oops. Sorry. Will try to fix that in the coming days. I do plan on writing, it just never seems to happen. I will be at work and listening to the news and get angry and think "I should blog about that!" Unfortunately, by the time I could be blogging, it just doesn't seem to get done. I forget all my great ideas or something comes up.

I wonder how people who blog constantly manage. What is it about the act of blogging that keeps them coming back? I enjoy the form and I like being on the blogsphere, but I can't seem to demonstrate any staying power. Perhaps I lack initiative because I have no faces or names to go with the supposed audience I am writing to. Maybe I need a more personal touch to stay interested.

My husband doesn't seem to have this problem. He has real friends on the internet that he's never actually met. He knows what they do for a living, the video games and movies they enjoy, what they look like, and where they find themeselves on the political spectrum. I don't know that much about some of my "in person" friends.