Friday, March 30, 2007

Hear Me WHIMPER! (and yarn stuff...)

So…it’s been awhile. It seems like the blogsphere is littered with lightly updated and outdated blogs that whimper “Sorry I was gone for a while, but I am going to be better from now on!” And that was months ago. Looks like I’m whimpering too. Damn it.

Anyway, the world according to me has become the world of yarn. (Long yarn, soft yarn, pretty yarn, ugly yarn, natural yarn, vegan yarn and cheap yarn…) It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere! At least, that’s what my husband tells his friends.

I knew I had a real problem when I neglected to tell my husband about the latest, best find I bought last week. I’ve begun hiding bits and pieces of the stash in different rooms and locations of the apartment. This not only makes it hard to find anything, but keeps the stash from looking as big as it is. So far, I have managed to never gather all the yarn and various bits and projects into one place. Thus, I can say with an honest heart that I actually do not know how big the stash really is. Without that knowledge, I do not have to admit that, just maybe, I need to use some of the yarn I’ve stored before buying more.

Well, short as it is, this post is about done. I need to stop by the craft store on the way home. I heard they were having a yarn sale.



At 5:21 PM, Blogger danedawg99 said...


'bout time you showed back up.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Spelunker said...

whimper... :)


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